Mothers Day Tea

Mothers Day


The Servant Queen

We have just ordered another 200 of these fantastic books about The Queen to give away to bless our friends, neighbours, family, …
If you would like a copy, ask any member of Cosby Community Church and they will give you one or bring a copy round.
Some great anecdotes about her life that will make you want to read more about this amazing woman.Queens book

Pancake & Pudding Evening

It doesn’t seem a year since we had the first Pancake & Pudding Evening, but here we are again.

Same format as last year: We provide the pancakes and  you bring your favourite fillings and toppings – be prepared to share with others wanting to experience something they’ve never tried before!

If you don’t like pancakes (or in my case, pancakes don’t like me!), bring your favourite pudding to share.

Pancake & Puddings 2016

God wants His kingdom to come to every household in Cosby